Castle Hotel, Kirby Muxloe

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A little bit of history For you

This fine building dates back to the 1630’s when it was the castle farmhouse and the nearby Kirby Castle was still inhabitable. It replaced another farmhouse on the same site which  stretched back to the middle ages. What a story it’s wall could tell, such as when, during the siege of Leicester in 1645, parliamentary roundheads were billeted in the Castle and no doubt sought food from the farmhouse. The noble Kirby Castle at one time possessed another tower which was demolished in the18th century and the bricks used elsewhere in the village, noticeably in the repair of the Castle farmhouse of further adding to it’s character and historical charm.

Kirby Castle is now over 500 years old and  is one of the last fortified house is (being a castle only by name). The embrasures for cannons are amongst the earliest known, but so unfortunately placed that anything fired from them would have hit another part of the building.

When the estate came up for sale in 1918, a farming tradition that stretched back centuries was coming to an end. Yet this was not the end of the story, for the castle farmhouse had become……The Castle Hotel.